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Please write letters to our church leaders to show your support for this action. We are accepting emails through Friday, March 1st. letwomenpray@gmail.com

For details on who to write: facebook.com/LetWomenPray/info

As far back as there is documentation, a woman has not said a prayer at the General Conference of the church. In 1978 church president Spencer W. Kimball said it is "permissible for sisters to offer prayers in any meetings they attend." We would like to see this happen in our General Conference as a sign that "God is no respecter of persons" and that "all are alike unto God," "male and female." We ask all who would also like to see a woman pray in the meeting all members attend, the General Conference of the church, to write our leaders and express this desire.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Asking that Women Pray in General Conference

All Enlisted, the organization behind Wear Pants to Church Day in December of 2012, is seeking to increase gender equality in the LDS church. While women hold important positions within the church, they have not prayed at the beginning or the end of General Conference. We would like to see women praying at General Conference, as a symbol of equality within our church. We hope our voice will be heard by inviting everyone to contribute letters to be addressed to church leaders.

If you wish to contribute a letter expressing a desire for women to pray in General Conference, please send it to:
Let Women Pray
P.O. Box 3833
Salt Lake City, UT 84110

From there, letters will be sent to Linda Burton (General Relief Society President), Elaine Dalton (General Young Women's President) and Rosemary Wixom (General Primary President), as well as Elders Holland, Evans and Perkins.

To give us time to collect and deliver letters, please make sure your letters are post-marked by Fevruary 22, 2013. If at all possible, please include six copies of your letter, one for each person we are delivering to.

You can also show support by signing our petition at Change.org. 

You can also join our Facebook page and respond to our Facebook event.

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